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Mind of Messiah Ministries

Let this mind be in you,

which was also in Christ Jesus.

Phil. 2:5

Sharon Cluck’s teachings strive to establish

the body of Messiah in a deeper,

richer relationship with the one true God.

Sharon Cluck, Author, Teacher, Counselor

About Sharon M Cluck


Sharon Cluck has been teaching inspirational Biblical principals since 1975. She has an abiding love for The Word of God and truth. She believes everyone can know Him intimately. Sharon is a licensed Registered Nurse, with a psychiatric background. The combination of years in the deliverance ministry, The Word and her medical experience make for a unique combination of insights.

Mind of Messiah blog/vlog page is called "Peace of Mind"; the original intent was to publish written messages in a blog format, but with her background as a pastor, Sharon realized she is more comfortable speaking directly to you than writing to you. Although she may occasionally share a written message, her delivery method of choice will be through video publications, which will remain in a blog format in order to welcome your feedback.

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