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Letting Them Go; an inspirational book authored by Sharon Cluck, Published in 2020, now available in paperback.  Published by Mind of Messiah Publishing

“Letting Them Go” will have you laughing and at times weeping as you relate to the stories within.Sharon exposes her own shortcomings, to help you better embrace your own.


 The soul searching questions throughout the book will have you pondering why you do what you do.It  reveals inner motives and agendas in some of your closest relationships, helping you to make wiser decisions concerning those you love. 


As Sharon shares some extremely personal experiences, you will find yourself relating. She interweaves scripture throughout the book revealing God’s intervention in every aspect of her life.



About the Author


Sharon Cluck is a licensed RN with years of medical and psychiatric nursing experience. She is a trained counselor in the Heart Sync Method and has also trained with Family Foundations International.


She has been writing articles for the past five years for an independent Christian Magazine. You can find some of those articles and her Blog/Vlog on


She and her late husband co-pastored two churches. They pioneered the Home School movement in the late seventies and traveled to establish Christian Schools in the Midwest and southwestern United Sates.


Sharon has a history of ministry in deliverance and has a deep understanding of God’s Word. She is a knowledgeable and passionate speaker/Author.

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