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Letting Them Go" will have you laughing and at times weeping as you relate to the stories within. Sharon exposes her own short comings, to help you better embrace your own.


The soul searching questions throughout the book will have you pondering why you do what you do.  It reveals inner motives and agendas in some of your closest relationships, helping you to make wiser decisions concerning those you love.


As Sharon shares some extremely personal experiences, you’ll find yourself relating, and see yourself within these pages. Scripture is interwoven throughout the book revealing God’s intervention in every aspect of the author’s life.

ISBN  978-1-7350660-0-4

$16.95 each


About the Author


Sharon Cluck is a licensed RN with years of medical and psychiatric nursing experience. She is a trained counselor in the Heart Sync Method and has also trained with Family Foundations International.


She has been writing articles for the past five years for an independent Christian Magazine. You can find some of those articles and her blog on


She and her late husband co-pastored two churches. They pioneered the Home School movement in the late seventies and traveled to establish Christian Schools in the Midwest and southwestern United States.


Sharon has a history of ministry in deliverance and has a deep understanding of God’s Word. She is a knowledgeable and passionate speaker.


I loved it! A great read! Sharon’s honest and inspiring stories of her journey with her children hit a nerve in me. Her biblical insight and struggles were and still are real.

Sharon is a wonderful Bible teacher who teaches the Word.  She is able to break it down so we can understand what God is sharing with us.


I recommend this book to all moms and dads even if your children are grown.  I thought I had read all I ever needed to read about raising and growing up children.  Clearly there is so much more!

Kathie Nelson Klima

Children’s Ministry

The Bridge Community Church, Leadington MO

This book provides insight to our good intentions when we feel compelled to do things for people and forget to let God be their source. It applies to our marriage, our children and friendships. I've tried to fix things and managed to get in the way of God's will more times than I can count. Great book.


Judi Givens 

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